February 19, 2010


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Healthy in 2010 is dedicated to keeping me accountable in my quest to become as healthy as possible this year!  This goal is multifaceted; I want to focus on my physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  At the top of my list is becoming physically healthy.

There are many factors that have contributed to my desire to be healthier this year, not the least of which was seeing the deteriorating health of my grandparents.  I am lucky enough to be a 29 year old woman with four living grandparents.  I am well aware of how truly blessed I am, especially considering they are all amazing, down to earth individuals.

In the past year my maternal grandparents have both undergone knee surgery and intense physical therapy. I witnessed firsthand their determination to return to their active lifestyle. Sitting around the house was never their style and it was quite difficult for them to lose some mobility in the process. Currently they are exercising regularly by walking outdoors at their sunny, winter vacation home. Regular card games, cocktail hours and social activities with their neighbors are back in full swing!

This past month, my paternal grandfather suffered from a stroke. He is well on his way to recovery, but it was quite a traumatic experience for everyone involved. He was very lucky in the respect that his speech was not affected much and his mind (and sense of humor) are fully intact. Currently his speech is back to normal and he is working on his large and fine motor skills to be released back home.  I fully intend to challenge him to many games of Euchre, Dominoes and Blokus to continue working his mind and fine motor skills! My paternal grandmother is experiencing back problems, which we hope will not hinder her ability to help Grandpa with his recovery. I also hope that she is cognizant of her limitations and does not push herself beyond her abilities.  She has not spent a night away from my grandpa yet and I imagine she will take her caretaking abilities to the nth degree. Both my paternal grandparents are continually showing the family how much strength and willpower they possess.

Both of my grandfathers are plagued with Type 2 Diabetes.  This has caused me pause before, knowing full well that being overweight was a precursor for this disease.  It is time for me to take my health into my own hands.  I need to take ownership of every aspect of getting healthy.

My first step in focusing on my physical health included signing up for Weight Watchers at the beginning of this year.  This is not the first time I have used WW to aid my weight loss battle, but I certainly hope it is the last.  Weight Watchers does an excellent job of motivating me to focus on manageable goals and continuing to make small, sustainable changes in my diet that yield results in the form of weight loss.  I am currently down 5.13% of my body weight since starting in January.

I am well aware that although I am currently losing weight, I am far from being a healthy eater!  Today I finished reading the book “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan.  I hope to eventually incorporate mostly whole foods into every aspect of my diet, but I am slowly working to that point.  I am grateful to have such socially and health conscious students; one of whom allowed me to borrow his copy of this book when I expressed an interest during a reading conversation!

Exercise is certainly an integral part of becoming healthy.  One goal I have set for the year is to incorporate running into my fitness routine.  I have found a wonderful program called the Couch to 5K that allows me to use a phrase I never imagined crossing my lips, “I enjoy running!”  Tonight I finished Week 4 Day 2 of the program.  I will be detailing my successes and failures with this program in the weeks to come.

There are many runs that I would love to complete in 2010.  2 mile in March (if I am in town that particular weekend!) 4 mile in June.  7  mile in July. 1/2 marathon in October. I have made a tentative running/strength training schedule until October to help myself reach this goal, but I am a realist.  There is a good possibility I will end up hating running as much as I used to or my body will revolt against such rigorous training. In which case, aerobics, cardio machines and strength training will have to take over on the fitness front. Cartwheels and party hats may enter the picture if the ultimate success of running a half marathon in October is realized!

This entry sums up the basics of my health goals at this point.  Unfortunately, the success rate of this highly personalized program is yet unknown.



  1. Abbey said,

    Good luck with your running — you will be amazed how quickly it can actually become enjoyable! I always thought I was unathletic and incapable of running more than a few minutes…..and now I am gearing up for my 5th half marathon next weekend :). You can totally do a half marathon by October if you keep at it this year — my advice is to just go as sloooowly as you need to.

    I like what you said on your other post about how schools should be reinforcing the fun and versatility of physical activity. Great point…a kid shouldn’t have to wait to discover running and other activities until their 20s!

  2. Thanks for the running advice! I need all the help I can get : ) Good luck with your half marathon! It is very inspirational to me when I hear other people say they started running as an adult and have found their stride, enjoying it now and completing races.

  3. Way to go Christie! And yes, I agree with Abbey, go as slow as you need to! A running friend to run with for long runs is also very helpful, and motivating.

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