February 20, 2010

Childhood Obesity

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I don’t understand all of the controversy surrounding the First Lady’s attempt at combating childhood obesity.  I certainly wish that I had been more educated at a young age about the dangers of living an unhealthy lifestyle.

I wish someone would have shown me how much fun high energy, cardio activity can be.  I was always mediocre at sports like softball, where your cardiovascular health is not a major factor in your ability to play well. Although only average in my abilities, I loved the sport and considered myself to be athletic because I played well enough not to embarrass myself.  I adamantly steered clear of physically intense sports, such as track.  Maybe I would have learned to enjoy running at a young age if someone would have presented it in a non-threatening manner.

I wish someone had taught me the basics about nutrition at a young age.  Sure, I learned about the major food groups, but never how to use that information in a real life setting. There was certainly no rigor and relevance to the lessons I learned about nutrition as an adolescent.  I would have thrived had someone showed me how to properly prepare healthy, flavorful dishes.  Instead, I learned to rely on (and come to love) sugary, starchy, fatty foods.  That is one mean habit to break, let me tell you!  I know that I will struggle with it my whole life.  As much as I enjoy healthy food when I eat it, I always long for rich, decadent tastes.  I don’t foresee that changing, no matter what changes I make in my lifestyle.

I whole-heartedly agree with anyone who suggests that parents hold the main responsibility for educating their children about their health.  The sad truth is that many parents don’t, for whatever reason.  Any efforts that are made to level the playing field for those kids who are not exposed to this education at a young age is commendable in my opinion.


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  1. As the incidence of obesity continues to increase in children, it is likely that more cases of heart disease will be reported in the coming years. Lifestyle Center

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