February 20, 2010


Posted in Running at 5:18 am by savorencyclopedia

It is no exaggeration to say that the music can make or break you when running!  I was lucky enough to have someone on the Weight Watchers message boards recommend a website with downloadable Hip Hop Podcasts.  These podcasts have been invaluable to my running experience.   There were literally times during my first few weeks of running that I wanted to start dancing on my treadmill, throwing my hands in the air and singing along.

I can’t imagine making the experience any more enjoyable that that.  The problem was, I actually care what the people around me at the gym think, so my creative energy was stifled.  I continued to blandly run along on the treadmill.  But that high energy music gave me the stamina to run much longer than I ever expected. I still have not experienced “the zone” so many runners talk about, but I know that with this music, it is possible.


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