February 20, 2010

Putting it out there…

Posted in Running at 4:13 am by savorencyclopedia

Shout it from the rooftops!  Some days that is what I feel like I am doing in regards to my current running program.  Is everyone getting sick of hearing about my minor accomplishments? I wonder.  If they are, no one is telling me; so I will continue my eager and enthusiastic conversations about simple things like running for five minutes straight!!  Really, that is big for me.

Today I read confirmation about my incessant blabbing on a Glamour blog post.  The author gives the advice that telling other people about your running goals holds you more accountable.  I have certainly been using this strategy!  Every one of my co-workers is aware of my newfound interest in running (whether or not they care to… sorry!)  I am keeping in contact with one of my high school friends via e-mail and Facebook to discuss our running each week.  We are currently on the same week of the C25K program, although I think that may change in the near future.  My brother has heard many embarrassing stories from the gym.  I knew bloopers would follow me there. Many friends are in on my dirty little secret. Some are even fully involved in the rewards program I have set up for myself. If I start to slip, I fully expect someone to call me out!  That is why I have poured all of the details out on a regular basis.

That is also why I started this blog.  I am crossing my fingers that this strategy will work for me.


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