February 20, 2010

The Library

Posted in Healthy Eating at 4:45 am by savorencyclopedia

The library is always a wealth of knowledge for any topic and health is no exception!  A few weeks ago I checked out multiple copies of diabetic cookbooks to take to my grandparents.  I also checked out a few cookbooks for myself.  Most of them were focused on simple, low calorie (or less guilty) options of common meals.  One cookbook in particular, by the author of the website Hungry Girl, caught my eye.  It is full of simple, highly processed meals that fit my current tastes.

The more I educate myself, the more I am torn about this type of cooking.  I am inherently drawn to the simplicity and similarity to my typical meals.  But if I’m honest with myself, I know that the only real way to get truly healthy is to focus on whole, clean foods.

The intrinsic debate I am having in my head is when do I wean myself from all the processed food.  Currently I eat a Lean Cuisine, Smart One, or Progresso Soup on a regular basis for lunch at work.  It is quick and easy, while at the same time being relatively low calorie.  I also rely heavily on Fiber One and Fiber Plus bars for breakfast.  Mini bags of popcorn can be found at my desk for a quick and easy snack.  Dark chocolate hides in my top drawer.  I do not know if I can survive without binging if I do not have these low point cushions readily available.

Right now, I am contemplating how I want to address this issue.  I am leaning toward letting myself use these comfort foods at work, as it aids my weight loss success.  I will make myself eat only whole, clean foods at night and prepare meals full of fresh produce.  Breakfast can continue to be fruit, yogurt, or fiber/granola bars.  Lunch can continue to be sodium laden, processed foods.

Until summer.  At that point I should have no reason (or let’s be honest, excuse!) for eating such convenience foods.  Loads of fresh produce will be readily available.  I will have much more time to prepare every meal that passes my lips.  Will I be ready for the change?

I am ready and willing to make the changes as of now.  I am motivated to make a trip to my local library this weekend to check out a new batch of cookbooks.  I would like to start investing in more cookbooks and cooking utensils that I would actually use.  There are a few websites full of healthful recipes that I have already bookmarked.   I will post any good finds that I have so that when my mind escapes me and I am unable to remember these recipes, they will only be a click away!


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