February 21, 2010

Homemade Energy Bars

Posted in Healthy Eating at 9:11 pm by savorencyclopedia

My dependency on processed foods has just diminished slightly!  I recently made my first (but definitely not last!) batch of homemade energy bars.  I found this amazing recipe on The Cooking Hussy and loved every bite! They are very similar to Lara Bars.  The recipe I followed was for the Cherry Almond flavor, but there are many variations that can be found at Enlightened Cooking.  I am officially kicking Fiber Plus bars to the curb as my busy morning breakfast.  Hello Cherry Almond Energy Bars!

Who wants to pay a couple of bucks for an energy bar?  I have a few times in the past, just to check them out, but at that price there is no way they would ever become a staple in my diet.  This recipe, however, makes them as affordable as they are delicious.

As I was searching for the ingredients, the woman who worked at the grocery store was curious about what I was going to prepare.  She was super sweet and directed me to the various places in the store that they carried dried fruits and whole nuts.  If I had known the recipe by heart (and that they would turn out so well), I would have shared it with her on the spot.  Instead, I hope to bump into her again so I can share this simple, wonderful recipe.  Yes, they are so good that you will want to share the secret with everyone you come in contact with!

Mine did not look as lovely as the ones pictured with the recipe.  I think I processed the dried cherries and dates too long, as there were no chunks of fruit in mine.  It was just a dark brown paste.  Also, I used sliced almonds instead of whole almonds, which didn’t allow for the cute little square chunks seen on the picture at The Cooking Hussy.  At least, I am assuming these are the reasons mine did not look like the picture.  I shall find out for sure next time I make them.  Next flavor up:  Tropical.

Is it bad that although I’ve already had one today, I now want to eat another?  I won’t, but I want to!


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