February 21, 2010

My New Favorite Fruit

Posted in Healthy Eating at 1:41 am by savorencyclopedia

Apples!  It turns out that I harbored a lot of misconceptions in my youth.  I thought I hated running.  Wrong!  Turns out, I just never attempted to run in a manageable fashion.  I am absolutely enjoying my runs each week (especially the shrinking waistline!)  I thought I hated apples.  Wrong!  As an adult, I found a variety of apples that I salivate when thinking about, Honeycrisp.  Even after stumbling upon this delicious variation, I continued to believe I didn’t like apples (Honeycrisp was the exception to the rule, in my mind.)

Recently I discovered that I do, in fact, like apples.  In my attempt to eat more healthful, whole foods I have been purchasing more produce than ever before.  Bananas were always my go to fruit.  The problem for me with bananas is the fact that I am very picky.  I like them at a very specific stage, a lovely shade of yellow with a hint of green.  When the brown spots start appearing, they are useless to me.  I was only able to buy three bananas at a time, knowing full well that I would never get through more than that before they started getting too ripe for my tastes.  Sometimes I didn’t even make it through those three before they past their prime.

Another favorite fruit of mine is pineapple, but they are decidedly more expensive than most fruit I buy and unfortunately I am not good at choosing the ripest fruits.  More than once I have shelled out $5 for a whole pineapple only to discover it was quite tart when I began eating it.  There’s nothing more disappointing than expensive food that just doesn’t taste right.

So, in my quest to find the perfect fruit for my lunch each day, I began to buy whatever fresh fruit was on sale in the weekly flier.  This winter has brought me only subpar fruit week after week.  Stubbornly, I chose apples as a last resort one week.  I was convinced I would hate eating them, but the health benefits would outweigh my displeasure.  Maybe I would even come to the realization that if I wasn’t hungry enough for an apple as a snack, I wasn’t really hungry.  It would be a litmus test for me.

Except I enjoyed them.  And they were delightfully easy to choose.  And keep fresh.  And cheap. The last few weeks they have been a staple in my diet.  My new go to fruit.  Sure, bananas are still my first choice if the perfect ripeness awaits me on the counter in the morning, but apples are my fail safe.  Either I am becoming more mature and open-minded in my journey to becoming healthy or I was not quite as intelligent as I thought during my childhood.



  1. Amy Clay said,

    Christie, what an excellent idea to start this blog! I’ve been thinking about healthy eating especially since Dad’s(Papa’s) stroke and diabetes diagnosis. It’s not easy to give up sugary, salty & cholestrol filled foods and finding the right healthy substitutes is the key! I’ve started eating whole wheat bread & skipping the cheese when I eat at Subway as my first attempt at eating healthier. I’ve been telling myself to make “Better” choices when I eat out and I’ve been eating more grilled chicken instead of breaded & fried. I am taking “Baby Steps” as food is concerned and I need to take your lead & start some kind of exercise program! You are inspiring me to become healthier & I’m here to support you in your quest to get healthier!!!! Love & hugs always, Aunt Amy 🙂

  2. Oooo, apples! I’ve found a variety called Jazz apples that are very similar to honeycrisp and you can find them outside of the fall season. They are from Australia or New Zealand, decidedly NOT local, but are great in the winter. Apples and peanut butter or cheese are one of my favorite afternoon work snacks. 🙂

  3. Brian said,

    this is Dana by the way- have you tried apples and peanut butter? I love that espically with honeycrisp it is great but in moderation. I think peanut butter is ok for you- isn’t it? Maybe the stuff from calico bean is better for you they did give me one of those sheets about the percentages of fat and salt and all of that good stuff so you should see. And I don’t like much and I even like that it tastes like candy! (maybe try this when you are really wanting a piece of candy)! Let me know what you think! Love you you’re doing great! Have fun on your trip and be careful, call when you return!!!

  4. Amy– It’s not so difficult for me during the week, but at occasions like being a Grandma and Grandpa’s are going to be a struggle! Although we don’t have big meals there too often, so I can treat myself when we do, I guess : ) I am thinking about getting a summer share with a Community Supported Agriculture farm, where you pick up a new box of fresh produce every week from their farm! You never know exactly what your getting (it depends on what if fresh, in season, and how their crops are doing). I think if I do this it will compel me to eat more veggies regularly! Thanks for posting : )

  5. Kateri– I will definitely have to look for those Jazz apples you are talking about! I am getting a lot of Gala or Braeburn right now. I am trying to figure out why I ever hated them so much, since I am loving them right now! I am off to get ingredients to make your homemade Lara bars today!!

  6. Dana– I have mostly just been eating them plain, but I might just have to go ahead and try them with peanut butter! Good idea : ) We might just have to hit up the Farmer’s Markets on a regular basis this summer… you will be the one I drag with me!! I’ve heard that CR has an amazing one and I will be looking to check it out this summer! Thanks for being my rewards buddy and checking in on me : ) I can’t wait for the shopping!!

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