February 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Workout

Posted in Running at 8:07 pm by savorencyclopedia

Today was my first morning workout since I started my routine at the beginning of January.  I am not a morning person.  I want to run tomorrow night after work, though, so I figured if I did a run this morning it would be almost like having a rest day in between.  Usually when I workout on the weekends, the gym is fairly empty.  I was looking forward to some solace while working out today.

Well, apparently, Sunday mornings are hopping!  Almost every treadmill was being used as well as the stair climbers and elliptical machines.  I must admit that I was impressed that there were so many people working out this early on a Sunday (10:00 is early for me on a Sunday!)  Honestly, I was also a bit disappointed to not have the cardio room to myself, as I had expected.

Many of the cardio machines overlook the basketball courts at the gym.  This morning I was treated to entertainment in the form of a league basketball game while working out.  Some students from my school were even playing. I wanted to go talk to some of the parents I saw, but unfortunately by the time I was finished I was disgustingly sweaty and my face was beet red.

Week 5 of the C25K has been challenging for me.  The training calls for:

5 minute warm-up

3 minutes running

1:30 walking

5 minutes running

2:30 walking

3 minutes running

1:30 walking

5 minutes running

5 minute cool down

Previously, I have had to break down the last 5 minute run into two 2:30 runs with a 2 minute walking recovery in between.  I could not pinpoint why this week’s runs were more difficult for me, but it was tough!  I came to the realization this morning that it was not the distance or amount of time that I have been running in Week 5 that was causing me difficulties.  It was the substantially smaller recovery/walk times in between.

Today I gave myself 2 minutes to recover after the 3 minute runs and 4 minutes to recover after the 5 minute runs.  I was able to run an extra set of 3 and 5 minute runs!!  What a great feeling!  I did my usually stair climbing set after running and by the time I left at 11:30, there were only two other people working out in the cardio room.  Note to self:  I can sleep in a bit if I want to workout on Sunday mornings.  It is much less crowded after 11:00.


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