March 3, 2010


Posted in Healthy Eating, Running at 2:48 am by savorencyclopedia

Today was my first day back from vacation.  And I still worked out!!  For many people, this may not be a big deal, but for me it is a huge accomplishment!  I wanted to ease back into things because it’s been almost a week since my last run, so I attempted to run the same time frames as I stopped with last week and…

I did it!!!  I still ran two sets of three and five minute intervals!  I typically use the stair climber after running for 20-30 minutes, but tonight I simply ran/walked.  I want to prevent injuries, so I just wanted to test the waters tonight and see what I was capable of doing after almost a week off.  It was a pleasant surprise.

I even switched right back into healthy eating mode seamlessly.  Proof:  yesterday while traveling I ate well.  Yogurt smoothie for breakfast at the airport, Clif Bar for lunch while on the plane and a turkey sub and Sunchips for dinner in the car.  Not many vegetables, but still better than I would have eaten in the past.  I didn’t use traveling as an excuse to eat poorly!  I got all my servings of vegetables in today and I plan on going grocery shopping to stock up on healthy items tomorrow after work.  This is progress for me!


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  1. rundadrun said,

    Congrats on stepping right back into your running. I am hoping I can do the same in the next few days after being down with illness.
    Happy running,

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