March 4, 2010

Scale Fail

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:29 am by savorencyclopedia

I knew it was coming.  I was prepared.  A gain on the scale.  But I still cringed.  I was hoping, by some small miracle, that even though I ate (and drank!) with abandon all weekend, there was some small possibility that I would simply stay the same on the scale.  Realistically I knew it wasn’t going to happen, but a girl can always hope, right?

The funny thing was, I didn’t need any mental regrouping after I saw the number.  I felt good about getting back into the swing of things right away after my vacation.  I refused to feel guilty about the gain and beat myself up.  I was proud that I tracked all of the food I ate in my food journal and moved on.  The numbers were frightening to see, but they gave me some sense of accountability for the weekend.  (There was no possible way to estimate how many calories were consumed by drinking; I chalked Bourbon Street up as one of the few exceptions to my journaling rules.)

I look forward to seeing the number on the scale next week.  I can only hope that the weight comes off as easily as it went on in seven days (everyone knows that never happens!)


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