March 8, 2010


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Sexy Latin dance moves.  High energy music.  Potential for lots of fun.  It would have been nice to have an instructor with a dynamic personality to bring passion into this workout! Instead the instructor didn’t even give any verbal cues about the upcoming moves.  It was disappointing.  The moves were simple enough to catch onto after a few segments, but it felt awkward to take an exercise class where the instructor didn’t say a word.

It was obvious that the instructor was painfully shy.  Saturday morning my gym offered a demo of Zumba classes directly after their routine Step class.  A large crowd of steppers stayed to participate and I timed my run for the day so that I could join afterward.  So I understand why she might have been nervous with such a large crowd.  There were over 30 people and barely enough room for all of us on the floor.   But if you are too intimidated to even give a brief overview of what Zumba is or preview some of the moves, maybe you shouldn’t be teaching Zumba classes.

After the 20 minute demo, I was curious if this was the philosophy of the Zumba classes in general to be mute during the workout or if it was just this particular instructor.  I found a segment on the Today Show from a couple of years ago on YouTube that showed the founder of the company and a few other instructors showing some audience members their moves.  They were giving verbal, as well as visual, cues to the participants.

With as much fun as I honestly had (I mean, it still was Latin dancing… I was destined to love it!), I am hesitant to return to the regular classes.  It was easy enough for me to catch onto the moves and I did work up a substantial sweat, although I’m not sure if that was because I had just finished running right before the class.  The instructor was very sweet and I’m sure she was absolutely a nice person.  I just had a difficult time attending a class where no actual instruction was given.  It felt so awkward to simply follow along.  I guess I will just see how well the schedule fits in with my running and decide from there. It was just disappointing as I had heard about Zumba in the past and been jealous that the closest class to me was over half an hour away.  Now that my gym was offering it, I wasn’t nearly as impressed as I had anticipated.  I will certainly give it another shot and see how I enjoy a full hour class.  Here’s hoping that the full class is a more satisfying experience than the demo!


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